Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Make-over

I love my new background from cutestblogontheblock AND my super cute chandelier and bird cage from! Thanks ladies for the very chic new designs... Now if I could just download these to my iphone I would be oh-so-happy! The birds have been in the scrapbook venue for awhile now, but I guess they have caught onto other areas too... like my iphone case, my blog, my jewelry ideas!  The bird designs definitely remind me of "The Birds" from Alfred Hitchcock - but these are so much less frightening. :)

I returned my super awesome Garmin watch today... sadness :( But there really wasn't any reason for me to keep it. I would love to think of myself as a 'runner' but fact is that I have never been able to finish the full 5k that I have been in training for months now. Between illness and injury running hasn't been stable for me lately, which is so sad. I saw such great results when I was healthy enough to run, but I guess I will have to continue cycling classes, elliptical, and attack.

I have to say - I cannot wait for the New Year rush to leave the gym. I hate going to my usual gym classes and being overrun by guys, new people, or random folks. That sounds incredibly mean, but its true. Half of these people who joined in January will be gone by March - that is what I need to keep reminding myself.