Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dell, windows 7, and office 10

It's been a long week and I can't wait for our winter break from school next week. since there are only five days left the kids have been getting crazier and crazier as we get closer to time off. The teachers are all so sick from the flu and sinus infections that it probably won't be much of a break for most of us- just trying to get healthy!

We finally received our new teacher laptops, Dell again. I was so hoping for a Mac! But I do have windows 7 and office 10! Love windows 7 bit I'm not so sure about office 10. I have played with one note a bit and wish that I could figure out a way to make it more useful, it seems like it would be an awesome program for some, but I wonder how most people are using it. Anyone????

Supposedly this Dell has the capability to do flicks... Which sounded awesome in the training, but I can't figure out how to utilize it in real life!

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