Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Movie date

WITH THE KIDS... :) the whole family went to cars 2 this afternoon. We made it to the 3D version which was so fun! It was too cute to see my kidlets in their 3D glasses! The theatre didn't have any kids sized glasses so they we falling off their faces but it was adorable! I tried to get a picture of my almost 2 year old holding the glasses on his face, but it was too dark. :( and my husband fussed bc I wanted to use the flash... But it was so stinking cute! Oh well- maybe I can recreate it! Or at least get a picture of him with the glasses on.

My dd was a great date - and tried coca-cola for the first time today. She didn't like it! My ds on the other hand was a mess- he pitched a fit bc we wouldn't let him run around the theatre so my dh took him out, and he fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie. Typical. I figured he wouldnt be a good movie-goer but we thought we would try since he loves cars so much. Big fail :(

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