Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My blog got a makeover! Special thanks to leelou blogs for the awesome (and free) blog templates! I wish it was this easy to make over my house! :D What am I most excited about??? My super cute favicon! {I must admit: I had NO IDEA what a favicon was until I downloaded the template} BUT it is now one of my favorite things on my page! Yep - it's the little things that keep me happy! hehe.

It has been one yucky, overcast day here. The sky has been threatening rain all day, but so far I've only see a few drops. I have kept the kids inside all day and they are about to run a muck. I haven't been in my classroom all week and I feel so ... ... unprepared??? BUT- my books came in from Amazon and I am super pumped. I need to go and pick up some of the MTH: Thanksgiving on Thursday books. That will be my next literature circle for my high reading group. So keep checking tpt for that unit! Any other books that you like to use in your classroom during this time of the year? Any awesome Native American activities? I've been searching pinterest, without much luck.