Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our medals

I know the Olympics has ended, but we studied it last week anyway! We graphed, we wrote, we read, sorted, and made ourselves medals. I pulled in a bunch of leveled readers from reading a to z, and some matching cards from teachers pay teachers. The kids really enjoyed it!

We discussed the mascots and they made their own mascot. Most of my children were very excited to learn the the winter Olympics will be held in their country in 2018, so I challenged them to make a mascot for their home country. We discussed symbols, and colors, seasons... I enjoyed it, and learned a lot. I hope the kids did as well.

Since I'm at a loss with the new blogger app, I'll add my photos at the end of my post, instead of throughout as I normally do.

Our 'closing' activity was to create a medal for and upcoming Olympic games. I was very excited with my children's creativity. I actually didn't think the 4th and 5th graders would enjoy this, but to my surprise they were the ones who got into it the most!

I'll have to upload the mascots later... I don't have pictures! Grrrr. ;D