Monday, December 31, 2012

currently {oh boy 4th grade link}

It's almost January 2013! That is insane! This year has gone by so quickly....

Some of the best parts of my year have been proving to myself that I am capable of many things I once thought I wasn't. Then again - it's amazing what you can do when you don't have many other options. 

I took a leap into a new position at school and I am loving it! I love working with all these different grades and abilities. I really enjoy being able to create some of my own curriculum and use some from some fabulous ladies and gents at teachers pay teachers. 

I have successfully survived my first year as a single parent after 10 years of marriage. I have some amazing friends to thank for that though...somedays they had to pull me through :) 

I had my lumps come back clean and get an all clear from my doctor...

I lost some weight...and I gained some back :) October - December are MURDER for me... sweets call 24/7. {Hey - there's always next year and some resolutions....right???}

BUT - here is the currently from Farley - I love these things - I do most of them, even if I don't post them... :) 

I have had many blessings this year - MANY, many blessings. One thing that I will work on this year, as other years - my patience - with everything... It is a struggle for me always.  Anyone else? 
I hope you have a WONDERFUL evening - and a very prosperous New Year!

Bring on 2013!