Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentines, shmalentines....

So - valentine's day isn't my favorite day of the year... Surprise! :)
I decided to post my February Currently Linky from Farley's blog. 

I've downloaded a bunch of music lately... not that I needed anymore - I have about 16 gb now, and my phone is almost full. I like music, always have. I really don't need anymore... but I couldn't resist. :) 
I've been listening to the new Bruno Mars album, and the old Wiz Kalifa. 

My friends. They have helped me through so much lately. I love being able to have a road trip even if it's an hour in the car, with my girls - singing old songs, thinking about the days before we were moms, teachers... 
Having dinner dates, with some refreshing libations, and laughing about stupid stuff. 
Planning for the summer, being thankful for what we have...

I'm thinking that Valentines Day sucks stinks... 
I have become less and less of a holiday person as I get older. 
Today probably has a lot to do with being divorced.....
{shocker, I know}

There is nothing that I want right now. Which is odd... I'm usually a gadget lover, but there isn't a single thing that I can think of ... that I truly NEED... 
Now - don't get me wrong - there are things that I'd like to have, but totally don't need anything at all. Life is good. 

Sleep... lots and lots of sleep. 
I am a firm believer that you can never have enough sleep :) 

Pet Peeves: 
Chewing with your mouth open... augh! 
While at dinner with the girls I could hear a man chewing... ALL the WAY across the restaurant.. ALL THE WAY - get me?  I don't get annoyed too easily {not gonna lie - there are things that get under my skin} but this has to be my pet peeve... at least this is the one that comes to my mind :) 
What can I say - it's fresh. :) 

Anyone else? 
I hope you all had a great V-Day 
I'm pretty happy with the way mine turned out :)