Sunday, March 17, 2013

Five for .... {Sunday} ... better late then never

I had every intention of posting this a few days ago - and then - LIFE happened...
{gee, I know, what's that???} :)
So here are my five random things from this week in pictures. 

This sequence is our breakfast yesterday a.m.
<<<<<<<<< Bubby and I making silly faces....
with his super cool 'spikes' hair. 

And then my mini-me - looking like he wants "One Million Dollars"... :)

I am rocking my glasses... I hate pictures of myself, and really hate pictures of me with glasses... but these were too cute not to share! IMHO! :) 

I know - I'm partial...

 Here is g1 and me. Silly faces first - (duh!) 
and then a serious smile. I can't wait until her teeth grow in! That girl has one gappy smile!  

I realized this weekend just how much she was like me.... I busted her reading in the middle of the night. She had been such a pain lovely child to wake up in the morning, until recently. I went in to hug her goodnight - and found a book under her pillow... {been there...}
Then I found a flashlight {yup...}
A few weeks ago, I found her with a headlamp. {Only my child would think of that} 
 I asked her the other day how late she had been 
staying up to read. She turned around, looked at me and said, "You know about that?" 

HAHAHAHA! I was the QUEEN of reading late into the night. It gets frustrating in the morning at times when I have to wake her - but it makes me so happy to see that she is loving books as much as I did at that age. I'll admit - I was a little worried about her last year - she hated reading, it was such a chore for her. She's a little bit of a 
perfectionist, so she hated it when she didn't know a word, or couldn't sound it out. I'm happy to say
she's gotten over that! :) 
                                                                      <<<<<< This was her at dinner tonight... Asking her to put a bookmark in her book so that she could eat her food was like asking for her last sip of milkshake. Oy Vay!   What makes me giggle the most - she's in love with Nancy Drew. {Waves hand madly - me to! me to!}  There is no denying this child is mine. {There are days I still wonder about Bubs....} :) joking! 

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