Saturday, March 23, 2013

share the love...

Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge has a super cute linky that I'm going to join today. 
{There are actually a few linky's I want to do, but didn't want to post 3 times in a day! :) }

The blog that I want to show some love to today is......
There are a couple reasons why I love this blog - 
1. I am friends and co-workers with her in real life and I adore her. 
2. Her blog always makes me laugh, and gives me great ideas...
3. I am super proud of her! 
4. Her new blog design is KA-UTE!
5. She keeps it real - her posts aren't always sunshine and roses - teaching and life has it ups and downs, and she puts it all in her blog, which I admire. 

Here are some of her new products - she is my cover queen! If I could have her make all my covers - I'd do it.... in a <3 beat="" nbsp="" p="">
If you haven't been over to her blog - GO!
If you haven't seen here tpt store - GO
I hope you adore her as much as I do! :)