Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday

I am linking up with DoodleBugs for the Five for Friday linky. :) 

Here are a few pictures from my week...

My first picture is of my countdown app... yep... weird? maybe. I actually have less than 51 days until my beach vacation with my bf. I am so excited - a week of beach, pool, sun, and sand. Getting around only by golf cart. No cares or plans to adhere to. Eating and napping and eating again. This is truly one week of my year where I am stress-free. Quality time with kids and friends. I can't wait. Really, can't wait...
{this whole trip is very funny, because I hate the beach. 
say what? 
YEP. I grew up a block from the beach. I've been beached out. BUT this is one week that I look forward too. and the way 'we' do the beach....makes me love it again... 
small doses... then showers and food, naps, then back to the water.}

Next picture: more washi tape
I blogged about it the other day. 
I *think* I *might* have a problem. 
{first step, admit problem - check}
This time I used it to redo the labels in an old moleskin notebook. 

Third picture: Korean idioms book. :) 
We have been working on idioms this week...
of course - idioms do not literally translate... so...
one of my loves bought in a book about idioms in Korean. 
It was so cool to see. 
I admit - I sat there... looking at the pictures... trying to figure out some of the idioms...
I seriously wondered how these children were able to come to the US, speak no English, and survive... let alone thrive after a short period of time. 
Could I do that? 
{I'd be that kid, under my desk, crying...}
They also found a website ( that has a bunch of translations. 
My favorite idiom that we did - drop in the bucket. 
That one took some work - but once those little light bulbs went off - they were bright! :) 

Fourth picture - my g2 on the iPad. 
Our current favorite app - 
This app has some *outstanding* words for the kids to build their vocabulary with.
The characters act out a little skit to illustrate the meaning of the word, and the definition is given. 
Then - they all run across the screen and the letters fly everywhere. The kids need to put the letters back in the right places (you can see an outline to match them too). 
But - while you are moving the letters, they make their letter sounds... which is hysterical.
We spent a few hours over the past week playing with this one as a family. :) 
Good times. 

Fifth picture - my commute to work...
Yes, that is what you think it is...
I wish I was joking some days... This time of year it is pretty common to end up behind a tractor of some sort. They are great about pulling over and letting cars pass. I couldn't pass up a picture of the rear end - to post on my fb, and tease all my *big city* friends! :) 

And that... is my week....
How was yours?