Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday and an Update!

I'm so happy it is Friday. Although I shouldn't complain - this year my summer school class is rockin'!
Here are a few pictures from my day..... Linking with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday! :)

I found a new app - A Beautiful Mess...
That is how I was able to write and doodle on these pictures. 
It's only 99 cents and once you have decorated them, you can upload them to your instagram account. 
(I know... it doesn't take much to make me smile!)

Here's a picture of my puppy this morning before work. He's a shaggy little thing...and I love him... :) 

 I printed out my Race to the Beach Addition game for my kiddos to play today. Of course, I had to use my washi tape to put the dice together. :) While I was at  it.... I started thinking about making another one for addition facts to 20... So that is what I have been doing this afternoon. :) I even color-coded them. 

(Wow.... I know I'm a dork... but then some things come out of my mouth and I think.... WOW... you really are a dork!) 

Last picture... the updated preview...

Happy Friday! :)