Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Motion in the Ocean, Teddy Bear Picnic, and a Freebie

How do you like that for a title? :) 
Motion in the Ocean....
My group of kiddos is learning about ocean animals this week. 
So - I pulled some great readers from 

Two of these are available in the animated version on raz-kids. The Coral Reefs book is multi-level which will be helpful for my 'more capable' ones. 

We are also visiting National Geographic's website to do some animal research! Have you seen the kids site? 
We <3 it="" p="">
Many animals have short video or audio clips so the children can see the animals in their habitat! And... MAPS! So neat!

Here is a screen shot of the Kids: Animals and Pets: All home page. 
I like that it is organized by wildlife or habitat...
And you can print out fact cards for the kids to use later (or put into a book like we did with our animals unit....) 
Teddy Bear Picnic ...
FINALLY got something done... This unit came about when I learned a new little trick in PowerPoint...  Thanks to my friend at Funky Fresh Firsties...
You can fill a shape - with a picture! WHAT? 
I know - mind. blown. 
So I started playing around with that - and before I know it - I had a patterning and graphing unit in the works! 
Here is a preview...

And last... 

Click on FREEBIE - or either picture to download the file from my dropbox. 
Nothing special - just something I made so that my kiddos could write down their 'facts' that we are learning from our books and websites. :) 
And the super cute clip-art is from Nikki at Melonheadz! :) 
Have a great night friends!