Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday

Let me start by saying....
I tried it on my pc today, and no luck. :(


I create all my tpt products in PowerPoint. I started doing this about two years ago. It makes arranging everything SO easy. You can add tables and pictures, clip art and text boxes where ever you want. It doesn't get knocked down to the next page - or worse - disappear. (Maybe it's just me... MS Word and I don't get along). 

So anyway - back to my tip 
While in PowerPoint - usually to arrange my graphics and put my text boxes on top of my headers/borders - I always right click and move forward or backward.
Then right click and move backward again. 
and again. 
and again. 
{Get the picture :)}

BUT - if you right click and choose Reorder Overlapping Objects...
Your page magically spreads out like all those lovely covers in iTunes - and you can flip through them... like in the old days... at the jukebox...

Okay.. I'm back. 
Check this out!

I don't know about you - but it might be one of the most beautiful things I've seen while creating. 
Once your page is all laid out like this - You just grab the layer you want and move it between the other layers - and VOILA! 

No more right clicking 9 times to get your header behind your text and all your graphics. 

I hope you enjoy this and find it as useful as I have. If you have any other techy tips - leave it in the comments! :)