Friday, July 19, 2013

classroom management series #2

Since I use so much positive praise in my classroom, I wanted a way to reward the children who were getting compliments! I’ve explained before that my behavior chart works differently than many. I believe that kids can learn from their mistakes and get back on track – I DON’T think one negative thing during the course of the day should ‘do them in’. I like to think of my behavior chart as more of a sliding scale.  –

Here is an example... 
Bay is out of his seat talking – I praise those who are in their seats, he still doesn’t get the hint… so I move him to yellow. Later in the day – Bay is the only one who put up his materials and sat quietly to line up for CAMP (specials). So he is praised – and he moves up to green. The Art teacher told me that a few students were just amazing – Bay is one of them – so he moves up to blue – We get ready to go home, I put a blue smiley face on his calendar…. At the end of the week – I add up all the blue smiley faces – at the end of two weeks – at the end of three weeks – after a month…. (you can determine the time – I usually did mine once a month so that it didn’t become a hassle…) ‘Cause ain’t nobody got time for that…. J

To reward my kids that were trying hard – I added a positive behavior reward chart. We all have a negative one – red – office and parent phone call – orange – parent phone call and time out – WHAT ABOUT THOSE KIDS WHO ARE ALWAYS BLUE?
What about those kids who try hard and behave all the time?
My goal is to get children to internalize their behavior and make an effort – on their own! I guess some people believe that always behaving is a reward in itself. Or the weekly trip to the treasure box covers it. Why not make it more fun? 

We do interest surveys to see what books the children like to read… Why not do an interest survey to see what rewards the kids would like! (I know face-palm)… So a few years ago – I did an interest survey with my kids for behavior rewards – I made a chart for you to have (FREEBIE ALERT!). J This is very simple, you are welcome to change it…. Nothing is ever set in stone! I have found this to be effective with many of my children. Not all children are motivated by the same thing – we know this is true with reading – Consistency is the key to everything!

And let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a reward that you don’t have to buy? Right!? 

Click on either picture and you will be linked to my dropbox - where you will be able to download the above rewards posters in a pdf format! :)