Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just One of Those Days...

Hello friends... :)
Today was one of those, no good, very bad, pretty awful days...
I get them every once in a while... You?

I wanted to stay in bed  - all day - but I couldn't :(
So - I snuggled with my babies and played with bear
(my schnoodle - he's been at the kennel for a few days).

I *thought* the kids movie was at 10 am.... but it wasn't...
So I put some pretty shoes on and did my make-up ...
(for those of you who hate feet - sorry... these shoes are fabulous!)
So Deal... :)
and took the kids to see Monsters University.
I didn't get to see very much of it.
(There was this really annoying little boy who kept trying to drink all my Coke...)
oh - wait - that was MY little boy.

we went to the grocery store.
two kids
one mom
grocery store

If you are a mom - you know how bad that can get...
(it wasn't pretty)
I made my 8 almost 9 year old ride in the back of the cart
you feeling me?
I walked out praying to God that these three hours between the grocery store and bed time went REALLY fast... like add some wings and stuff....

I am currently consuming large amounts of milk chocolate with hazelnuts...
and I think my smile will return shortly.
The make-up and shoes bit helped... albeit temporarily.
Anyone else a shoe person?
fonts - KG Payphone and KG Cold Coffee  

WAIT! I did manage to upload something to tpt today! 
all the cool kids were doing it!
 - I made a bundle...
It's a pick your own bundle! 
Pick any three of my non-fiction units! 
AND I added Annie Oakley! 
Maybe I'm not doing SO bad... :)