Friday, July 5, 2013

Praise to the Fudge!

OMG. I am SO HAPPY to be finished with this book companion.... 
I can't adequately express how excited I am to be finished! I was in high school when this book was published, so I never read it in grade school.... I missed a whole bunch of fudge! :) 

My second graders will be reading this when we get back to school so I wanted to be prepared for the first nine weeks! WHEW. I have comprehension questions for the kids, for the teachers.... a writing prompt, a graphing activity, journal ideas....
And a flip book of the story elements!
I have spent most of this week on FUDGE....
and I am so happy to be finished! 

Head over to TeachersPayTeachers to check it out!
Want one for free? 

Leave me some love and I will have my DD pick a lucky number when we get home...
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To celebrate... we are heading to IKEA today! 
I can barely contain my excitement....