Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's the End? Of October? What?

Wow - 
My favorite month has flown by... I mean high speed,
 flying way in the air, how the heck did it end here? 
Get me? 

My mother just informed me that Christmas was two months from today... and my stomach is getting sick just seeing a calendar with the word December on it. Anyone else? 

I have updated my freebie December calendar and it's uploaded to tpt. 

(November is already there).
I added some journals.... so .... if you liked the free October ones - check out the November ones... I have a price on them - but there are 22 prompts with lined and unlined versions. 

My tpt store will be on sale tomorrow! 20% off!
Thank you Creative Clips for the adorable graphic!

My Educents bundle ends in .... 2 (ish) hours - so ...

NOW - I am going to try and sleep because I have a funny feeling that tomorrow will be.... INSANE...
Night friends! I will do a pin it to win it later, but for now.... I'm too tired!