Wednesday, October 2, 2013


How is it October already? 
I mean.... seriously? How does that happen? 

Let's start with a confession....
I have been a bad blogger.

There - I said it. Bad, bad, bad....
My schedule changed for the 5th time this year (I think....I'm losing track) and I'm a little stressed about adding new classes, meeting new kids, making sure my ownkids are where they need to be, finding babysitters for my kids b/c I'm working later than usual.... I thought being an adult would be so much more fun than this.... (when I imagined it in my head all those years ago...)

But I'm also linking up with Farley for her Currently.... OCTOBER....

Listening - That's right.... Imma Jack Johnson lovin, banana pancakes eatin', sappy chick....

Loving - see #1

Thinking - Man - I hate cooking... well... more the cleaning part.... especially after I've worked all day. 

Wanting - Hold Up - A WEEK OFF BABY!
(just a few more work hours....)

Needing - food. 
Han-gry = Hunger and Anger.... yeah - I'm not the most pleasant person to be around when I haven't eaten in awhile - OR so I'm told....

Treat - Keep reading! 

BUT - My super awesome (IRL) friend Stacy ...funky fresh firsties... and I teamed up for a giveaway - well - because it's FALL! Hooray!
What's not to love about fall? Football, fires, sweaters, boots.... (I was going to try to stick with f's but I ran out!) :D
$20 Starbucks Gift Card.... (ahm....I like pumpkin spice lattes.... just sayin')
Two units from me....

Two units from Stacy... WIN-WIN!

So - check us out and don't forget to enter! 7 days peeps, 7 days!