Monday, April 21, 2014

To Do Lists and Another Meme ;)

I cannot believe how quickly that week off flew by! I mean, really? 
It was busy for sure... .and fun filled.... but FAST - dagnabit! {as my son would say...}

I did want to share something that I did today. I posted it on my fb page, but wanted to share here as well. It's so simple - you are probably going to be shaking your heads at me - but for me - it was TRUELY an ah-ha moment. 
My life has been super chaotic lately. [Who's isn't?]
My friend suggested making to-do lists so that I could organize my tasks and feel a sense of accomplishment when I was able to cross something off. {Great plan!}

But what really happened....
I would write out all these lists - and stick them in my planner, or notebook, or purse, school bag....
only to find them a week later - still full of stuff - that hadn't been finished. 

[insert dramatic music here]
I had this simple idea to use one of my photo editing apps to make a daily to-do list. 
I saved it as a photo

I used that photo as my lock screen picture on my iPhone!

What? Tell you more? 
I actually got 3 of the 4 things on my list - DONE! 

Yes - I realize that I am a HUGE dork. Some days I'm okay with that.... today would be one of those days. 

Links to some photo editing apps...
Phonto - I love this one b/c I can import all my favorite KG fonts in....
A Beautiful Mess - super cute designs in this one
Rhonna Designs - I love this one b/c of the vintage feel to the embellishments... but it can be time consuming... IMHO...

And... I will leave you with a meme... just 'cause it's Meme Monday... and I can... ;)
This is SO wrong... but so funny at the same time.... 
Have a great week friends! It's the homestretch!