Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Banana Peanut Butter Popsicles...

yes - they look gross, but man were they good! I borrowed this recipe from Rachael Ray, but added the chocolate to top them off. We were trying to come up with a creative way to get my DD and I in the kitchen since gw was born and this was one thing we came up with that was quick and easy. My husband thinks they are too rich, but he's not a dessert person, so... Please excuse the chopsticks, but you gotta use what you have! I have been trying to get back into the scrapping room since the baby was born, but I just received a packet of pictures and I am too overwhelmed to begin.

Speaking of the packet of pictures

this was how they were so lovingly placed in my mailbox
and here is the picture I was planning to use as the ending to my DD's Disney album. Guess I am going to order another, or try to flatten it out. I should poll the two peas, they would know what to do!

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