Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My behavior board

I am pretty happy with the behavior system I have in place this year. I found it on pinterest, but tweaked it a little to fit it into my room. I ordered solid color car door magnets from vistaprint, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. On each I put a 'cowboy' saying (walk the chalk... A hoot and a holler from the office, yeehaw....)
What I like best is the ability to move the children up or down the board. I made each child a magnet with their number on it (like the lunch board) and they move that up and down.
I have done a similar behavior board in the past with rainbows, and the positive praise is such a strong motivator for my children. I notice that I thank them a lot more for their good behavior and they act better. I guess a positive attitude can go a long way! :)

I also started using but it's been down for a while, probably too much was a pretty awesome site! I can't wait until it is working again b/c they have an iPhone app! So you can even control your behavior system while you are out of the room!

I will add a picture of both my board and classdojo later...
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ETA: pictures!