Monday, November 7, 2011

Common Core

We have our first workday/planning day for the common core standards roll-out tomorrow. I am the lucky grade chair... aka {fearful} leader... yikes! I have found some good common core things on tpt, and have downloaded the 90+ pages for ELA and Math, but I am still feeling really overwhelmed with it all. How am I to lead effectively when I'm not sure what the heckito I'm doing??? Our district has asked us to teach 3 lessons based on the common core tasks and complete a formal write up of each one. This will be the third time in 9 years that Georgia has shifted/changed its standards. It's all so overwhelming right now that I am procrastinating... by blogging. :)

The state has already aligned the ELA common core to the georgia professional standards, but math has yet to be done. So I guess that's where we will begin. Plus we need to take into account the MAP test and the rit bands that our children will fall into. Oy vay. The best way I know to do all this is to just mesh it as closely to what we are currently doing as possible so that we don't make any extra work for ourselves. If I can just align it as closely as possible, then I will only have to teach a few new things - so much nicer to think of it that way. Let's hope it all works out...