Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Back... I Think.... and student teachers

whew... life got a little overwhelming for awhile, but I think I've come out the other side of the tunnel. Well - let's just say that today is a good day, who knows what tomorrow might bring. :) Thank you to all my new followers! I'm up to 8 now! woohoo!

We have been back in school for 7 days - this will be our second week of the 3rd nine weeks. My student teacher starts 'officially' on Monday, but she was with me most of last week observing and helping out. I am pretty excited about having another person in there to help me, but mostly to watch a new teacher developing. My student teaching experience wasn't the BEST - and I hope that I can provide a better experience for those ST that I host. Who else hosts student teachers? Why and Why not? (If you don't mind sharing of course...)

When evaluating my student teacher I always feel as if my feedback could be better. I have a hard time being VERY critical, and I tend to want to soften the blow. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but at the same time - I am supposed to be guiding and helping them to figure out the best way to become the teacher they want to be. I would hate to think that they finally got a job, and then hated it or felt completely overwhelmed because I kept telling them they were good... when they could have been better. This will be something that I will need to work on... Any ideas?? Anyone?? :)