Monday, March 26, 2012

grades are in

Wow - only 41 days of school left for us. I'm sorry to say that I am VERY excited about it! This has been a long, hard year in second grade. This will also mark my first decade of teaching - I cannot believe that I have been teaching 10 whole years now! I feel like I should get combat pay... or hazardous duty pay at least! :)

Teaching has changed so much in the last ten years, I shudder to think how things will change in the next ten years. I often get so frustrated with the behavior issues that I feel my teaching suffers. I am almost always in control of my room and my children. I pass very few 'issues' to the office to deal with - I like to be the authority and handle anything I can IN my classroom, with my parents, and my children. I don't usually have many problems, but a few do arise... I can't imagine being a teacher who consistently has discipline issues, but sometimes I feel as if that's what most of my day has come to! I'm trying to help my student teacher navigate behavior and curriculum, but the best advice I feel that I can give - be consistent... don't threaten anything you can't come through with later... and treat everyone equally, no matter whose child they might be... Anyway - that's my two cents - any ideas?

I have been making more units for the Magic Tree House books, and some fun games too. Unfortunately I've been very slow about uploading them to tpt!