Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break :) and Testing Anxiety

It really couldn't have come sooner - I can not believe that we are in the home stretch of the school year with 35ish days (give or take a few) to go. I am always surprised how quickly the year goes by once we actually get into the meat of it. The scary part is also to come though - the testing, prodding, quizzing, crying... (I will probably be the one crying...) We have worked all year for it to come down to these last 6 weeks, and this is when being a teacher becomes unbelievably nerve-wracking. There is no cramming, or jamming anything else in there - what you taught is it - will it be enough?

I do not believe in teaching to the test or teaching the test. I have always firmly believed that good teaching doesn't require test-prep. You can practice test taking techniques all year long - why wait until the last few weeks? Test-taking techniques (skills and strategies) are essential for all children to learn - so why not begin those at the beginning of the year...mixed with all of the other essential curriculum. We don't learn essential skills in isolation, so why wait until the last few weeks; before the HUGE test, to practice something that the children could have learned all year. If anything the complete change in curriculum and focus would be stressful for me to teach, let alone for my children to understand. I think it would just call attention to something that you are trying not to make a big deal - IMHO. Anywho - I am most likely rambling. I have no business posting today :) (I had surgery yesterday, and I am still a bit 'off')

YES - This is what I am thinking of on my spring break... Sad? Probably. True? Totally.