Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New digs :)

My classroom is coming along. Finally. This made my 3rd move in 5 years. Oy vay. I accepted the ESOL position at our school and I couldn't be happier. I have worked with the ESOL program for 5 years now in my county and it's really amazing to see the growth of these children throughout the year. This year I will be doing 50 minute pull-out segments for each grade level K-5.

Here are some photos of my new digs...

Here's how it started.... D:

(this was my original layout, but had to move things a bit for my board installation)

This is what it looks like now, but I was able to move my bookcases back over when they were finished.

My cheater roman shades... A curtain panel from Walmart and two rolls of ribbon from hobby lobby. :D

It's been a lot of work with help from some great friends, but I'm pretty darn pleased with the results!