Monday, October 1, 2012

Say what now?

It's conference time at my school. Yowza... I'm really used to being the general education teacher, being on the other side has been a bit frustrating. I love my kids, I love my teachers...but combining schedules with teachers, parents, interpreters, and me...OY TO THE VAY.

I had no idea how much paperwork was involved with this ESOL position, I wouldn't change anything - I love it - but geeze! I super stressed to meet with all my parents and teachers so that I can get my testing plans and accommodations in place, especially when I know that many of my children will only here for a short time. I just want to make sure everything is in place for them so they can be successful, but its like writing an IEP for each child! Can you say intense?

Funniest part of the whole day.... Hearing one of my mothers tell her child the little bit of Mandarin I do know....I'm going to spank your bottom.... Bwahaha!

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