Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bad Blogger....

Time is getting away from me so quickly! We are halfway through November - where has the time gone? I'm still adjusting to my schedule change, and kind of doubting this little cutie actually needs my help at all. I was told he only knows the words cat and dog - but today - he told me that "he didn't want to listen to a story, he wants to play power rangers on my computer"... hmmmmm.... that's some two words! :)

I did find some time to make a new math center and upload it to my tpt tonight. I still haven't added as much to my teacher's notebook store - that one seems to take me so much longer. {operator error, most likely...} Please go check out my new creation! Don't forget - my Thanksgiving literature circle units are on sale for a while longer - go check those out too! : )