Saturday, November 10, 2012


Long week, to say the least! So - here's an update... I teach ESOL to an amazing group of kiddos in grades k-5. I'm very lucky because I am a dedicated teacher (meaning - I don't travel to other schools). UNTIL Wednesday. We got a new kinder from Vietnam on Tuesday. At a school that has never had any ELL's. This school is also 30 miles away from my school. (Do you see where I'm going with this???) :)

Anyway - I was notified Wednesday, changed my schedule and advised my current kids and teachers on Thursday, and on Friday paid a visit to my new school and met my new kinder. 


I was really surprised and excited to meet everyone, and to be welcomed so warmly by the staff. They even gave me a place to teach in! This is unusual because space is a hot commodity right now. I didn't think I'd like traveling from one school to another - granted - it's only been a day... but it's nice to 'get outta the building' for a bit. 

I have been furiously updating some of my literature circle units, so if you haven't checked them out - please do! I am working on my old Blizzard of the Blue Moon, and starting Christmas In Camelot. If you see anything you need, or have comments - I'd love to hear them - I'm always open for suggestions. :) I hope this day finds you well... almost time for FOOTBALL! 
If you don't have anything ready for the next few weeks - check out my literature circles - there are a bunch of thanksgiving themed ones to help you prepare!