Saturday, December 8, 2012

and then there was wireless....

So - It's been a very busy week, unfortunately - I wasn't at work for it... My sweet little grandma passed away on Sunday - she had been very sick so it is a blessing, but hurts at the same time. While I was at the funeral my ex and I had some....'issues'.... and when I got home - my phone and internet had been disconnected. OOOOPPPSSSS!

Teacher stuff - I am working on a few things since I got back home and I will be updating very soon. One thing I was able to finish while I was gone - My Reddy Freddy - Perfect Present unit! So super excited! One of my tpt followers suggested those books, which I never thought of, and they are so cute! I also started Christmas in Camelot - wow - long book! I have all the questions for the chapters and vocabulary written out (Call me old school...) now I just need to type them up and upload them... That is the part that takes me the longest. I am such a perfectionist - I'm so sure there is always a way to make them better, or cuter, or more fun - LESSON - if you buy a unit from my tpt store (or tn) check for revisions! :)

BUT - here is a little teaser of my latest product. :)

love these Spring Hill graphics! :)