Friday, December 28, 2012

vacation daze....

Evening all
Sorry for the weeks of silence... I am trying to break through this creative block I've had for the last few weeks. You know how when bad things happen - they all seem to happen at once? 
That's where I've been - in the chaos. I'm just trying to sit back, get through each day, and hope that things go back to normal {somewhat normal... 'cause nothing is EVER normal} soon. 

I made the cutest contractions unit - I was so excited... and then I realized that one of my bloggy friends had created one almost exactly like it! So that has sucked the wind out of my sails - so to speak - I blame it on the clip art - it lent itself perfectly to such an activity! :) It's nice that we have such great ideas, but it's also hard when we teach the same material, at the same time, to the same grade level... hard to be different - eh? 

AND - I really need to organize a giveaway! I'm at 107 followers! Holy Guacamole! :) 
Now that makes me happy! Thank you all!

Anyone have some great ideas to ring in 2013? 
I still haven't gotten used to the idea that it's 2012! :) 

Go grab my January calendar freebie/blog planner/to do list and get your resolutions in order!