Sunday, January 6, 2013

CCGPS and planning...

So - I have a huge stack of CCGPS frameworks, templates, maps, outlines, yada, yada, yada, sitting next to me on the couch. I have been planning for my K-5 classes since Friday. I'm not doing so good. I'm struggling to find where I can best help my ELL kiddos within these frameworks. I plan on pre-teaching the vocabulary, and doing mini-lessons on the comprehension skills and strategies. I also need to really work in more opinion writing pieces. We have a hard time writing narrative pieces, so I'm a little uneasy about the opinion and persuasive pieces of writing that are found so frequently in the Common Core Standards. 

Anyway - this is what I have - 
The Kinder Framework focuses on day and night and superheroes for the next 9 weeks.
The need to produce an opinion piece of writing and learn the structure of a non-fiction piece of writing, while also focusing on verbs, opposites, sorting, and sequencing. OY VAY!

SO.. My Plan Is...

I have a KWL and brace map prepared for Monday when I will also introduce different vocabulary words using picture cards. I also plan on using these vocabulary cards in a day and night sorting activity.

 (graphics - mycutegraphics and aisne's clip art)

I am going to use the book Getting Dressed from reading a to z - working in the sequencing and routines, but having the students extend to book to bring in the before and after of the book and day and night. For language we will use sentences from the book and pre-made sentence cards to continue working on our vocabulary. 

I need to remember to find my sequencing cards for practice! Some of our discussions will center around what happens during the day and the night, and we will START learning about opinions and formulating opinions using some of our vocabulary cards. 

In the next 8 weeks - I'm going to focus on opposites using many of the level aa and a reading a to z books. The level aa's focus on one topic, where the level a's will compare and contrast the opposites. We will label our non-fiction pictures and review text structure using these a to z books. 

45 minutes....5 days....
I got this! :) 
Happy Monday Y'all!