Monday, January 7, 2013


That's pretty much it. Today was crazy. It was awesome to see all my littles again, to talk about our holiday, and to get hugs and give hugs. 
I practiced a few of our new safety procedures today - mostly having my door locked at all times... I got a little lax when I was in the building - I always had kids coming and going, and usually just left my door open. 
But now I'm outside - we've had a lockdown, there was Sandy Hook - I'm not taking chances. So, I walked all my kids (even my 5th graders) into the building, collected all my littles, and escorted them out to my trailer, and locked the door - essentially locking us in. Some important things to remember... before I take the kinders out...especially since they come straight from lunch... BATHROOM! haha! 
Overall - today was a good day and I'm happy to be busy again! :)

Anyone else brave their first day today? How did it go?