Saturday, January 19, 2013

winner, winner, chicken dinner....

And we have a winner in our Erin Condren e-card giveaway! 
Entry #24 was picked by rafflecopter!
Congrats and I'd love to know what you picked!

I've been working on two units this week (and weekend...) so stay posted and check my tpt store soon - Nikki at Melonheadz had the CUTEST valentine's graphic set today - free with purchase. 
And I purchased... :) 
Check it out - you still have a few hours left!

I'm in love with keys... 
I bought a necklace with a key charm for myself when I graduated with my Ed.S. three years ago. 
So when I saw this set I had to have it. Plus - I love Melonheadz designs, so it was win-win (if you ask me!)

Here are the two new products I've been working on . . . 

My friend Stacy over at Funky Fresh Firsties helped me with the super cute Homonym cover.
 Wonder if I can get her to do some of my others! :) 
I love creating things to use in my classroom and sharing them with others, but the covers are the HarDesT part for me! 

{this one is now finished... head over to tpt to check it out}

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great weekend!