Friday, February 8, 2013

landforms....part 2

So - a few weeks ago I posted about teaching landforms to my first and second graders...

I ended up making an entire unit while I was teaching it, that I just uploaded to tpt. 

We worked on 8 landforms - I made a comprehension passage for each one, and a comprehension check. (7 of the 8 have two leveled passages - for my newest ELL's) 
I put a lot of vocabulary posters, cards, and labeling in this one for my ELL's too. 
Many of my kids are at a level 1 English proficiency - 
A great modification to material for a level 1 ELL is to label pictures - DONE!
One of the comprehension checks has a labeling question and one of the flip books has a labeling page. too! 

Check it out! 

My kids really enjoyed this unit.
I'm glad it's finally 'presentable'...
Click on any picture and it will take you to my tpt store. 
Anyone else SUPER happy it's Friday?