Thursday, February 21, 2013

more planning...

I actually got to sit down with my frameworks and Common Core Standards...
Planning for k-5 gets a little hectic at times... :) 
I went through and made a graphic for each grade level. 
I included the 'thematic text' that lasts for 4.5 or 9 weeks.
I pulled out the writing focus and grammar focus.
I will add some fun activities and (duh) technology!
BUT I also need to work speaking and language domains in to meet WIDA standards. 

my plan....

(please keep in mind that I have 45 minutes a day with each grade level, and I'm concentrating on the CCGPS frameworks ---- while also aligning my activities to the WIDA frameworks to meet the needs of English Language Learners..) whew....

Kinders are working on Lincoln and Washington with the theme of heroes. 
(I'm using Katie Knight's amazing American Heroes unit and American Symbols units)
You can read about her amazing blog posts here : Teacher to the Core - American Symbols

Teacher to the CoreThey are also working on verbs and opposites.
All of the grade levels are working on an producing an opinion piece of writing.
I plan on using google earth to show my kids the monuments in D.C.
They are going to LOVE the smart art in her packets! :) 
I'm kinda excited.... yep.... I'm kinda a dork.... :)

Here is a picture of my first grade plans... remember... these are still rough... 

now ...  to get it from the paper ...  into action. 
I have a feeling another non-fiction unit will be coming out of this prep work ;)
stay tuned! 
What are your favorite mammals? 

Night all.
because tomorrow is