Tuesday, February 12, 2013

pinterest inspired....behavior board and lunch count

In the past I have blogged about my behavior board. I love this little thing, and I made it all myself! 
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Here's how I did it...

I was inspired to create this from pinterest - what did I do before pinterest???
I used numbers to give my kids a little anonymity - I knew their numbers, they knew their numbers, but someone walking in... wouldn't know what color they were on.
I grabbed everything from my local craft store - EXCEPT the sun and moon craft glue. I found this on etsy. (they also have glass tiles, but I like to use the cheap glass bubbles from the aquarium section or floral design area of the craft store. 
I tried to take pictures as I went along this time... :) 

If you'd like to try to make some on your own - it takes some practice... but it was worth it. I picked a cute frame and font to make my first set. I printed them out on my laser printer and went through these same steps. 

 Here is another picture of my lunch board... I used my smart board every morning for morning work - so I had to find another way to do my lunch count. 

These were just some cute extras I made to use on my metal desk... (You can see that a few of them I used a little too much craft glue on - and I did these on my inkjet printer... they look a little smudged...) Some of them turned out better than others, I would suggest that if you are using an inkjet printer, go easy on the craft glue. ;)

Suggestion - if you are using an inkjet printer... Sun and Moon also carries Micro Glaze. Put a little of this on your printed image before you adhere it to the glass! :)