Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another To-Do Bites the Dust...

What a beautiful day - the sun is out - it's in the 50's {finally... I think my toes were about to freeze off}
I finished my Mammals non-fiction unit... whew! I'm giving one away - enter below!
Now that - was a labor of love. I had all the passages done for my kiddos to use the last two weeks, and the comprehension questions... but going back in to make it cute and presentable - OY VAY! The title page, contents, credits, and directions pages take me forever... FOREVER! 
I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. My kids enjoyed it too! 
I made one addition to this unit - a large flip book in addition to a flip book for each animal. I realized while we were working on it that the kids were going to have 5 separate flip books. Which is cool - but - we are learning about mammals - so I did one large one that included all the animals we learned about. 
I like it so much - I'm going back in to add this to my landforms unit. :) 
We were also talking about the regions of Georgia, so I thought it would be a good idea to include a few maps - incorporate some geography... the kids could then color the maps where these animals are found! The passages tell about where in the world they are found, so that could be a reading comprehension activity - but if you wanted to personalize it, the U. S. Map would be great! 

Yay for crossing something off my to-do list. :) 
(And I watched 11 episodes of Scandal as I worked on it - so I caught up on my favorite show too - Win -Win and Amen for DVR!)

Have a great weekend!

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