Thursday, March 14, 2013

top 50 fonts... well, top 53 - if you're counting...

I got this new desktop computer. 
It's big 
and shiny
and big

Before I uploaded my new product to tpt, I opened it on new, shiny, big computer.
All my cutesy fonts - NOT ON THIS COMPUTER! AUGH!
So - I started downloading away.
and I took a screenshot of my font book for you. 
{I have admitted in a previous post that I am a font addict... a few posts actually}
Well - here are the 53 fonts I couldn't live another moment without. 
{I know... you are dying...}

Let me walk you through my little obsession...

all clipper script fonts are from OR - by the amazing Mans Greback
(they are free for personal use, pay for commercial)

All 'hello' fonts are from Jennifer Jones at

All 'Janda' and 'KG' are from Kimberly Geswein
Here is one link on dafont
She also has a great store on tpt!
(free for personal, pay for commercial)

The 'LD' and 'SNF' fonts are my lettering delights fonts. Many of these I grab during their dollar sales, but those that I want to use in my tpt products, need a commercial license. :(

any 'Pea' fonts are from Kevin and Amanda

And those without a 'label' (Smiley Monster, Spicy Sushi Roll, My Own Topher, Annoying Kettle..) 
are also from Kevin and Amanda - but these are in the scrapbooking section

SO - Those are the top 53 fonts that I must have on my mac. I usually use the same five or six - but a girl has to have options... right? :) 

Sorry for the giveaway delay - I've been without internet for a few days. BUT, my winner has been announced!
Thanks to all those who participated!