Friday, March 22, 2013

work in progress and hoarding is helpful...

Work. In. Progress....
Story of my life! How about you?

As I continue to work on Georgia with my 3,4, and 5th graders... I wanted to share some pictures of what we have been doing.
We have been working on mammals and animals that live in each region of Georgia.
We have been learning about the different landforms in each region. AND we have been learning about the different characteristics of each region. 
*This is when one of my horder-ish moments came in handy.... All those travel pamphlets* 
Super Score! 
We were talking about the 'rock towns' in the Appalachian Plateau area  - farthest northwest a.k.a. Rock City -ish area. AND I HAD A BROCHURE! Holla!
It was a good way to work in map skills, while still bringing in primary sources and realia - that is some of the most important for my kids. 
But anyway - here are some of the things we've been working on... 

The pictures are all copyrighted - so I can't share this - but I can share the book template if you'd like it!

Has anyone checked out the Freebie Friday yet? I'm headed there now! So happy it's Friday! :)