Monday, April 1, 2013

all in a day's work....

It's April. 
Any guess how many April Fool's jokes I heard today? 


Head over to Farley's for this adorable currently - link up and leave some love! :) 

I'm loving this NCIS marathon. too much... I have stuff to do, and it's not getting done. 
I'm loving a few minutes to myself to watch my shows, sit, and relax. 
However, I am thinking that I should not have taken a seat... I have too much to do! 
I want a new iPhone..My home button has been broken for a few months. It gets a little irritating when I am trying to close out of a program, or toggle back and forth between two. 
I would LOVE more sleep and a few more of me to go around.
My advice is pretty obvious - Think before you speak - ugly words stay with people a long time. And are remembered much more than any kind ones thereafter.