Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday!


 here are five random pictures from my week :) 

My bestie over at Funky Fresh Firsties is having an awesome giveaway - head over and sign up! :) 
click on the picture and it will take you straight to her blog!
Next up - our new puppy. His name is Bear. And he is a Bear!  We are working on house breaking and basic commands. Some days are better than others. :) But he is a sweetie and I love him. A lot. 

The next pic - me laying on my couch... not feeling well AGAIN. I have the leash on Bear so that we can have him stay close the first few days he's in the new house. 

Fourth picture - road trip - a little one anyway! First time in the car for a ride with a family. :) 

And last  - A screenshot of some of the best feedback ever! Hearing from the people that buy my products - seriously makes my day. 

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. I don't know about you - but I am so happy it's Friday!