Monday, April 22, 2013

Love it when a good plan.... gets ruined...

This is so true...
I had a great plan for my week.
I got my CRCT testing schedule. yep. ruined. bleh. 
I'm going to end up missing 3/6 of my classes everyday this week. 
So much for all those super fun capacity lessons, and games, and that unit I was almost finished with making. Cups, pints, who cares? 
I know - you are thinking - awesome!
Because instead of chilling with my children :) I will be counting books, and determining irregularities, and making sure my kids get all the modifications they are entitled to. Oh - and that their pencils are sharp {giveaway ends soon..hint, hint....} 

So here are my thoughts 
(photo found on pinterest originally - but link wasn't working to give credit) 

I might be on z by Friday.... 
I'm trying to stay flexible - I promise! :) 

Why don't you check back and see...