Friday, April 12, 2013

the end...

the end? How is it the end? 
The end of my Spring Break...
Well, I have two days left, but it is Friday....
So Sad! :) 

I'm sitting in the waiting room, getting my car serviced.
{Yep - that's how I'm spending my last day of break}
I know - being a grown-up sucks! :) hahaha

When we head back I will be working mostly on math with 3-5.
Conversions and standard units to be exact. 
All my kiddos are used to the metric system.... but are about to get tested on standard units. 
So I will be teaching inches, feet, yards, and miles while also working on converting them to other standard units. This should be a fun few weeks... I spent some time earlier this week and created a unit of task cards for us to practice with. Now I need to make one for liquid measurement, so that is what I will be working on today. {The fun never ends!} :) 
How did you spend your week? 
Anyone else on break this week?