Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's The Final Countdown....


Today was great
unfortunately it was the last day with my kiddos... so my day was a little bittersweet. 
I got an amazing package of tea.

And a few origami love notes...

I got the ACCESS scores back and I was pretty pleased with them. 
(The ACCESS scores are from a test they took in February.)
I spent my day analyzing testing scores, making Excel spreadsheets, and organizing scores to go home. Who doesn't love a good Excel spreadsheet? 
{P.S. I am a dork}

My kids really jumped in reading and comprehension 
(I'm thinking that is because of my literacy concentration...)
However - they weren't so strong with their speaking. 
I know I shouldn't be surprised, speaking in another language has always been THE WORST for me. I get so nervous that I will make mistakes - which I'm sure the kids are even more scared. 
The great thing - I feel like I have a place to concentrate my efforts next year. 

I need to keep my reading, writing, and comprehension practice as rigorous as this year, but add more speaking components to my lessons.