Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to School Picture Book Linky

I am linking up with DeAnne at First Grade and Fabulous today for her Back to School Book Linky. 
I don't teach first grade anymore, but I did... for six years... 
I love it.. I miss it...
First grade has my heart.
{enough sappy.... onto the books...}

I am really excited because the book that I LOVE to use at the beginning of the year hasn't been listed yet! I also thought I'd include some first weeks of school ideas and plans. A few years ago I gave birth to my son on the second day of school. Yep - I went into labor a week early {which was a GOOD thing because little man - wasn't so little.... 9.5 pounds...} I was planning on being at school that whole first week. I didn't want to leave a sub in my room during the first week 
1. it's CRAZY!
2. I'm OCD. 

 The book that I always start my new year off with is Mark Teague's How I Spent My Summer Vacation.  This is one of my favorite books to use frequently during the year for different reasons. This story has LOTS of great vocabulary, rhyming words, and visualization opportunities. It is also a great way to connect with the children about their vacation, and gives you an opportunity to share about yours. This book easily lends itself to writing activities, even if its only drawing pictures.
I like to make a book of our own Summer Vacations with my class and put it in the book center for them to look at later.
Here is a cute, free product I found on tpt that goes along with it...

 Here are two of my other favorites for the first day...
Brand-New Pencils, Brand-New Books is a great back to school/starting school book - all around.

Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook is great for giving the kids the idea of 'getting into' a book. I always share with them that this is how I feel when I start reading a book and that is why I love reading so much... because I can always make the pictures in my head and feel like I am in the story with the characters.

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I'd love to hear your favorite back to school books! :)