Saturday, June 22, 2013

Google Reader....Gone? GASP!

So - 
I have been procrastinating ... a lot ... 
Google Reader is going away
{So - all those little pictures on my sidebar of all my fab followers with google.. will be gone soon} Tho Thad. 

BUT there is hope!
Go over to Bloglovin, open an account {join bloglovin}, import your blogs, and you won't miss a thing from any of your favorite blogs. 

Fact - I am following 237 blogs {wowza}

I did this earlier and it took me - seriously - a few minutes...
and I get a super little email everyday with the updates from all the blogs I follow. 

Here are a few tutorials to help you out, from some fabulous bloggy friends.

Common Core & So Much More: 

iTeach....What's Your Super Power

My friend over at The Extra Energetic Educator

make sure to follow me on bloglovin....
I will try to get the widgit on my sidebar soon...
but I did mention... I am a procrastinator... right? ;)

Join Laura Candler as we go on a blog hunt to find some of our favorite blogs, and some new blogs as we switch over to blog lovin'! Click on the bear below to find links to many blogs! :)

Have a great weekend all!

Yesterday was my last day of summer school... 
Guess who slept in this morning? This girl....
Does sleeping until 8 a.m. count as sleeping in? I mean, if we want to be all technical and such...