Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's June...and you know what that means....CURRENTLY...Holla!

Yes, I am a day late.
(I am also perpetually a dollar short...)

But - I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently linky!

I just returned from an amazing week with friends and our children at Fripp Island, SC. This was my third trip to Fripp and I swear that it gets better every time. I am not a huge beach girl - I grew up a block away from it...and gave myself sun poisoning more times than I can count... but this is ONE time I look forward too every year. I enjoy it so much - that I started scouting houses for next year already. :)

BUT - Here is my Currently for June
A big thanks to Farley and Jen for this months' link!

Listening -
I'm sitting at my favorite breakfast place after a week of no take out or fast food. :)

Loving -
Summer Break - do I really need to explain??? :)

Thinking -
Summer school starts tomorrow and I need to get some things ready. Summer school is usually a time when I can concentrate on my little group of ELL's and I enjoy it. It's only three weeks - we get to wear nice jeans...
This year... I'm dragging.

Wanting -
A massage! I haven't had one in months and they aren't a regular thing for me, but I do enjoy that hour of relaxation. A massage tends to be a special treat for me, I usually book one in April - for my birthday but this year I was caught up in other things and never booked it! Maybe that can be my treat after summer school is done! :)

Needing -
To clean and de-clutter. I feel like the Hoarders people will show up at my door any minute.
(I exaggerate.... but it is getting to that point where it's almost unbearable for me.)

3 Day Vacay Essentials:
'nuff said.
I would like to add sunglasses.... but the sunscreen trumped it - I'm a pale chick!

Have you linked up yet? It's fun - Do it, Do it... haha! :)