Saturday, June 8, 2013

Working My Fingers to the Bone and Channeling My Inner Betsy Ross

I am teaching ESOL summer school and I have been planning for that this weekend. 
I love teaching summer school..
I know... weird... 
I enjoy the shorter days and the ability to work on what my kids NEED. 
NOT what the CCGPS thinks they need.

This year we broke up our summer school classes by their WIDA scores (English ability) in order to better meet their needs. We are only serving 2nd - 5th, but we have 5 groups! I am teaching the 'basic' 2nd graders for the next three weeks. These guys are all new to English (some very new... like have been here a month...) while others need the speaking practice. Even though I am serving the beginning group - their needs are still very diverse! 
One student knows his alphabet, but has no clue what sounds the letters make. 
Another - can't blend.. or segment..
Third - refuses to speak... (I get that, but still....)

I have five kiddos in all this year and I am trying to work out some small group reading rotations like I did in first grade. Two of the five need some intensive instruction with me, while the other three can work somewhat independently. 
{Yes - I am looking at this through a literacy lens... that is what my specialty is...}
I need to work more speaking into our day...

Here are some of the resources I will be using for the next week. :) 
The Stars and Stripes reader is from reading a to z. If you haven't used them - I HIGHLY recommend that site. They have been one of my go to sites for the last 7 years. 
{P.S. - Flag Day is this week}

My other resource will be a glyph from the glyph girls. :) I love them...
click on either picture and it will take you to the websites. 

We will make an ABC book using the American Symbols - I took this idea from my ABC posters in my classroom. Unfortunately... Summer School is NOT at my school, so I won't be taking my alphabet off the wall. We will recreate it instead. :)

I will also use Teacher To the Core's American Symbols Unit to help with my Alphabet project and the reading comprehension/fluency aspect of WIDA standards.

Hmmmm.... I wonder if there is a 'How It's Made' on American Flags? ;)
Have a great night y'all!

Found this on pinterest... :)