Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Favorite Fonts... Round 2...

As I have admitted before... I have a little bit of a hoarding issue... 
books, pens, pencils, markers, fonts....
This is just a quick post to show you 15 of my FAV fonts and links so you can download them too!
DISCLAIMER - If you intend to use these fonts in anything you wish to sell - you will need to purchase a commercial license. :)

Let the fun begin.

Any font beginning with KG - is a Kimberly Geswein Font
all of her fonts are free downloads, but a $5 commercial use license is required to use on products. 

The fonts beginning with Hello - are Jen Jones fonts (you may know her from Hello Literacy)
These are pay per download or you can purchase a commercial use license for $20. The great thing ... she has monthly updates to this file if you purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers! 

The pea, Spicy Sushi, and My Own Topher fonts are from Kevin and Amanda.

Clementine Sketch can be found here.
This is one of my FAVORITES... BUT I have a little pet peeve....
PLEASE capitalize the first letter and include a ^ at the end of the word....
so many cute posters have been ruined for me because people don't know how to use the font! 

Clipper Script  and Channel are from Mans Greback - This is free for personal use, but pay for commercial - my old logo was in Clipper Script. 

The LD fonts are from Lettering Delights. I have a lot of their fonts - these are a few dollars through their site - but once again - 3x's that for commercial use. 

Her super cute tpt store is here
Her even more adorable blog is here (you can also download her fonts from her blog - she has more fonts there!)

Did you know you could make your own fonts on the iPad? 
True story... there's an app for that...
Here is the website...

What are your go-to fonts? 
(I know I'm not the only font addict!)